Chiropractic Treatments

As a chiropractor, my main treatment modality is a chiropractic adjustment, but modern chiropractic medicine includes many other tools that can be used to achieve the desired results.

Chiropractic medicine, strength and flexibility training

Dr. Salinger works with a patient to build strength and flexibility.

Power plates are an essential part of my practice.  This piece of equipment falls under the category of whole body vibration.  The platform that the patient stands on vibrates in all 3 planes of human motion (up and down, left to right and forward to backward).  It is essentially creating maximum instability for the patient.  They must now use their intrinsic stabilizing muscles (those that provide stability for the body) in order to balance.  There is no typical gym exercise that can match this type of muscle activation.

Our biodensity machine is another important part of the practice.  This machine allow patients to activate their muscles with maximum force, with a much less risk of injury than typical gym exercise, because we are limiting the range of motion and the force is controlled by the patient.

A reACT machine is the final piece major equipment that we have in the office.  This machine simulates any type of motion in which we are slowing something against gravity or decelerating visit our website.  Examples of this include landing from a jump or the landing phase of walking/running, walking down stairs, or changing direction while running.  Using this machine strengthens the body in a way that we typically do not do.

We use all of these machines along with chiropractic adjusting to create permanent improvement in the patient’s physical structure, both with posture and muscular stability.  After treatment has concluded, many patients continue on the exercise program.

By Dr. Aaron Salinger

Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center – Providence, RI