The Role of a Short Leg in Pain Patterns

Short structural legs are much more common than the general public realizes.  They also create more problems than we realize.  Imagine starting out with 2 equal length legs.  Then add a centimeter lift under one of your heals, and walk around for an entire day like that.  You would probably have some pretty serious low back pain, right? Now imagine years of walking around with 1 leg being shorter than the other.  Although your body can often adapt to it, you would still likely have some chronic low back pain online crestor.  Having a short leg is equivalent to building a house on a crooked foundation.

There are many clinical signs that would lead us to believe that this may be the case.  These include a high shoulder, a high hip, and even the appearance that your upper body is shifted to 1 side.  Although these all are good indicators, x-ray is the only definitive way to assess for the presence of a short leg.

by Dr. Salinger

Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center, 145 Waterman Street, Providence, RI