What to Expect on Your First Visit

Here is what you can expect on your first visit to our chiropractic office in Providence:

New Patient Forms – All Necessary forms are conveniently located on the home page of this website. Fill them out completely and call the office with any questions.

Insurance – Balance Chiropractic accepts almost all major health insurance plans. For your convenience, our staff will verify your eligibility and submit all claims to your insurance company.

History/Exam – With every new patient, the doctor will take a thorough health history to get an accurate idea of the patient’s condition. Following the history, a comprehensive orthopedic, neurologic and musculoskeletal exam will be conducted crestor generic. All patients will also be assessed using digital postural assessment and motion analysis software.

Report of Findings – After the history, exam, and x-rays, if necessary, the doctor will explain the condition to the patient. If chiropractic care is the right option, a customized treatment plan will be discussed, based on the patients goals and objectives. This may be pain relief only, or involve longer term postural and structural improvement.

Treatment – This varies by the patient’s condition, and their goals. Treatment can include care only for pain control, or it can continue on, to correct the underlying cause of the condition.

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